Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Spring is coming! Promise!

It may be bitter cold this week as we pack for our February Food Pantry distribution, but our hearts are warm and spring is coming.  Our next distribution will feature "goodies" for Easter.  Miss Dot, our pantry director, is requesting pineapple to go with the hams we'll be distributing, plus cake mixes and frosting mix or the making for pies:  pie fillings, boxed or prepared crust mix. 

When we pack, Miss Dot makes sure everyone gets enough for a week's worth of well rounded meals.  She is very concerned about good nutrition.  However, she also like to have enough non-essentials from our "pick froms" that our clients can do a bit of choosing other items such as toilet paper, shampoo, chocolate chips, pickles, jams, olives, etc.  Thanks to the Giant and other local stores we are able to ensure clients with at least one bread and dessert.  Main St. Grocery here in Fairfield often donates milk or "sodas" and King's New York sometimes donates pizzas.  Area churches and the local school do drives to ensure that our pantry is well stocked.  Local growers such as Rice Orchards donate apples or other produce in season. 

For newcomers to the area, our Fairfield Community Food Pantry is generously supported by the churches and citizens of the Fairfield/Orrtanna area.  Our pantry is one of eight overseen by SCCAP (South Central Community Action Programs) and ordering from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank is done through SCCAP.  Those living within the Fairfield School District or folks having a Cashtown or Orrtanna address are eligible to use the Fairfield Pantry.  There is one distribution each month:  the 3rd Friday of the month from 1 to 5 pm.  Others outside of our area should contact SCAAP to find out which of the 8 county pantries serves them.

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